Article 1 – Reservations:

The pricing terms “group” apply to all groups that have been booked in advance from us. The booking request must necessarily indicate the size and characteristics of the group, the date, time and nature of benefits. The reservation becomes binding upon receipt of order (or certified administrative right) signed by the client and accompanied, if mentioned, a deposit of 30% of the total amount of the provision and before the end date of option.

Article 2 – Options:

The options are retained until the deadline specified by the ABC SAS. In the absence of confirmation possibly accompanied by the 30% deposit, the options are canceled.

Article 3 – Rates:

The price of the services include VAT and correspond to the rates in effect on the date of signing the purchase order. Rates are subject to change, including in-season without notice.

Article 4 – Payment of balance:

The balance is payable the day of the visit, the group’s arrival or delivery, unless agreed in writing by the commercial service. A receipt of invoice payment may not be made in all cases and only exceptionally, if it has been explicitly agreed on the order form.
– If not provided services are added during the delivery, they will be paid the same day .

Article 5 – How the service:

The customer agrees to run for days and time specified on the order. If not possible, it undertakes to inform the ABC SAS. Otherwise, the ABC SAS may have to change the course and duration of delivery after prior information of the customer upon arrival.

Article 6 – Amendment or Cancellation:

6.1 – Changing customer due

The records of confirmed change requests must be made in writing (email, letter or fax). Only are deemed accepted the modifications covered by the ABC SAS back by whole or partial modification of a record must be notified 48 hours before the date of delivery for the provision of related cruise ship before and 7days for external services. Otherwise, the initial amount will be charged. For all composite products such as cruises or day involving one or more partners, it may be applied after the second modification processing fee of up to £ 50 flat rate per change.

6.2 – Cancellation by the client:

Total or partial cancellation of a confirmed file must be notified in writing to the ABC SAS (mail / or registered letter): 48 hours before the date of benefit activity related to the cruise ship and 14 days for external services.

6.3 – Concerning / activity related to the boat leaves the conditions are:

Date of cancellation (water delivery)% of the amount withheld from the boat

Up to 90 days, 5% on the net amount of boat activity.

from 89 to 60 days, 10% of the net amount of boat activity.

From 59 to 45 days, 20% off HT amount of boat activity.

from 44 to 30 days, 25% of the net amount of boat activity.

29 to 15 days, 50% on HT amount of boat activity.

From 14 to 70 days, 75% of the net amount of boat activity.

From 9 to 6 days, 75% off HT amount of boat activity.

With less than 6 days, 100% of the net amount of boat activity .

6.4 – Regarding external services .

The amounts deducted are:

Between 14 days and 8 days before the start date of the service: 50% of the amount of benefit out over € 50 booking fee tax . Between 7 days and up to 2 days before the start date of the service: 100% of the amount of benefit before tax plus 50 € booking fee. Less than 2 days before the date of commencement of the service or in case of no show: 100% of the total price. Modification due to ABC SAS: For security reasons, the ABC SAS reserves the right to modify any provision (route change, development of the program, etc.) in case of force majeure such as bad weather, technical problems, etc.

Cancellation by ABC SAS: ABC SAS reserves the right to cancel any reservation if force majeure events such as the constrained there and without the list being exhaustive: fire, water damage, storm , lack of access, … This implies that in the event of inclement weather or unforeseen circumstances not to ensure the safety of passengers and the crew, the captain may decide not honoring the service. For this purpose, the ABC will offer to the client to postpone the said benefit later date or to make the repayment. This decision will be confirmed on the same day in the presence of contractors, ABC and the principal.

If the nuisance caused impede the proper functioning of the craft, a statement from the competent authorities will be initiated immediately to obstruction and endangering others . It is the same for non-compliance with safety instructions given by the crew and behaviors considered dangerous.

The ABC SAS reserves the right to disembark any person are aggressive or drunk .

The customer can obtain return of his deposit, to the exclusion of any other compensation or damages .

Article 7 – Degradation of facilities:

The ship has a number of equipment and furniture, the provision of these elements are part of the leased space and must be returned to the same upon return of the place (end of service) in the event of deterioration in finding the client will be responsible to immediately pay the costs relating to the restoration of property or justify statements and necessary formalities with the competent bodies charge to cover its potential losses.

The terms of each service are defined in advance in accordance with the direction of the Arcachon Basin Compagnie and are subject to a quote .

All services are conditioned by the weather .

The areas of navigation and anchorages will be defined upstream with Captain .

The privatization of the boat includes qualified crew necessary for navigation as well as the safety of passengers (In any case, the staff of ABC must intervene to transversal tasks in its mission, without exception or features specified in the quote

The elements related to restoration are available: a bar on the upper deck with a capacity of 70 passengers maximum, a main restaurant room with a capacity 120 people with a central part in flexible accommodation. A catering area (office) equipped with a dive, an oven, a wedge in positive and negative cold storage area and all the facilities and amenities necessary standards including PRM.

Other items available on board including used for seminar benefits are: video screens, video projector connected to a central control room. (For specific installations from the payer type (sound system and additional lighting) a technical point must be made in advance with the captain or master mechanic, this also for any specific development needed to ensure temporary stage <. / span>

For privatization, cleaning package is required and the safety option for evening benefits beyond midnight

After docking and depending on the selected service, the extra hour package can be applied only to the hour 4:00 Closing limit the maximum morning (exclusively for privatization for a wedding service).

The captain is and remains in its capacity as guarantor of the safety of passengers and of his craft, as such a specific point on the use and capacity of different spaces should be done with him beforehand. (Before the passenger boarding)

Required documents required for all external and different actors of our authorized partners are: Extract Kbis. certificate of civil liability, professional license number.

Our prices are without taxes and will be increased by the VAT in force when invoicing .

If you wish to proceed with this proposal, thank you to send us this quote signed and accompanied by a deposit check of 30%, 30% extra 90 days of the delivery and the balance on the day of embarkation

Article 8 – Exception:

In the event of inclement weather or unforeseen circumstances not to ensure the safety of passengers and the crew, the captain may decide not to honor the service.

For this purpose ABC will offer to the client to postpone the benefit called later time or to make refund. This decision will be confirmed on the same day in the presence of contractors, ABC and the principal.

Article 9 – Special features:

In the context of a specific animation (music & amp; other) or evening extended beyond 0:00, in order to preserve the environment pollution sound that could be caused, delivery will be made on the water to an anchor point (anchor zone) previously set by the captain.

The evenings on the “Silver Coast” which include musical entertainment with “DJ” and dancing program can not exceed 100 passengers

The privatization of the “Silver Coast” in the evening may not exceed 2:00 am with a return to the dock 15 minutes before disembarking passengers .

During the delivery no passenger will be able to be transferred or discharged (unless otherwise organization validated by the crew of the Silver Coast) and Boarding landings on other ships, particularly in so-called anchor zones are prohibited except in the case of pre-arranged shuttle service, supported by the client and whose performance is guaranteed by a certified professional.

These special conditions to preserve the quality of the event as well as respect for others impose mandatory on board additional security people to the number of minimum two (main bridge & amp; higher). The cost of the rule of prevention and safety will be borne by the customer and charged along with the necessary options to the achievement of the event (see quote sign packages, security, entertainment etc.).

The customer is required to pay a security fee to the number of additional staff for every 50 passengers

In the passenger security interests and facilities, the captain reserves the right to modify the program if it deems it necessary and in all the benefit.

Article 70 – Information:

Do not hesitate to contact us to best prepare your events aboard the catamaran Silver Coast.

Our crew is at your disposal to discuss all the options and offers of our partners (catering & amp; catering, musical entertainment and highlighting, oyster, etc.) .

Example of specific terms related to the different rates

Place of embarkation: Petit Port Arcachon, Eyrac Pier or Jetty Bélisaire. The boat and its crew will be available the same day delivery dock 30 minutes before passengers board.

Back of the boat to the pier starting 15 minutes before the end of the service cruise (to finally select our services during the validation of the service) .

Article 77 – Complaint:

Any claim relating to a service must be addressed to the ABC SAS by letter with acknowledgment of receipt no later than eight days after the said benefit. In case of dispute on the application of these terms of sale and failing amicable settlement, the Courts of Bordeaux will be competent.

Article 12- Responsibility & amp; Insurance.

No liability will be accepted by ABC SAS for any damage done by the client during his stay. Any damage will be charged to him in full by the providers involved. The subscriber is prompted to take out an insurance contract holiday for these various risks. In addition, the ABC SAS disclaims all liability for damages of any kind likely to achieve the effect, embedded objects or materials on board the catamaran Silver Coast.


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